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.NET based distributed system for video walls.



Related Projects


MVDSV (MultiView Demo Server) - most popular QuakeWorld Server in the world with it's ability to record every player's point of view in a server side demo. Includes: mvdsv, qwdtools (demo tools), qwdplayer (client - removed, use

Object-view-annotation - This project is an plugin for object image view annotation, using google sk

This project is a sub-project for a multi-view object image recognition. We use Google SketchUp as a rendering engine and using its API to develop custom functions that annotate object views.

Multiview 3D Reconstruction

This project is to make a real multi-view 3d reconstruction system on the new multicore Cell processor.

Imemcacheclient-php - Improved Memcache client (for PHP).

IMemcacheClient v.0.2Improved Memcache client (currently only for PHP, but it can be written on any language). It also supports Redis protocol. It extends standart features with the following implementations: 'prefix' setting for all keys. Locks. acquire()/release()/isLocked() methods. Distributed queues with multi-views support. Multiple delete. Optional tracing all commands for debugging. And more.


Just a little project to test MVVM pattern on a multiview solution with authentification

Visual-entity-api-nb-multiview - Plugin Multiview para arquivos .java + .vea para a VEA.

Este plugin gera um Multiview para arquivos java com um brother file vea. Neste multiview pode se editar o arquivo java (código fonte) atravéz de uma interface grafica, podendo criar as annotations da JPA e da VEA de uma forma facil e pratica.

Infohubmvs - A multiviewing abitrary data visualization system.

Infohub is a platform for visualizing many types of data in several ways. These methods include classic models of data representation and some unique methods developed for the broad range of possible data.

Jsonfx-examples - Example projects built with JsonFx.NET

JsonFx.NET ExamplesExample projects built using JsonFx.NET, the JSON-savvy Ajax Framework for ASP.NET. For environment setup help, see: For ASP.NET MVC, Web Application and Web Site Visual Studio Project Templates, see: "UIToolkit"JsonFx.NET (JBST, JSON-RPC) C# / ASP.NET / Visual Studio 2005 jQuery 1.3.2 UIToolkit shows how to build reusable control libraries which allow sharing of JBST client-side templates, scripts, and styleshee

Shapespaceexplorer - ShapeSpace explorer

Open-source visual analysis tool for the interactive exploration of shape spaces and statistical shape models. ShapeSpace explorer was developed by Stef Busking as part of his PhD research at the TU Delft Visualization Group. Also see our accompanying paper: S. Busking, C. P. Botha, and F. H. Post, Dynamic Multi-View Exploration of Shape Spaces, Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 973--982, 2010. Special Issue: Eurovis 2010. Binaries can be found on the Downloads tab. If you prefer, you