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Related Projects


libmtp is a LGPL library implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), a superset of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).

Gnomad2 - a NOMAD / MTP Device Manager

Gnomad 2 is a GUI built on top of GTK/GNOME 2, libid3tag, libnjb and libmtp that makes it possible to transfer tracks and files from/to a Creative Nomad Jukebox (all brands) and MTP devices. It is designed much like an ordinary graphical FTP program.


A simple graphical MTP client for UNIX and UNIX like systems. It supports all MTP based devices including MP3 players, Media Players, Tablets and Mobile Phones.


Kestrel is a Qt4 application for MTP devices control, like MP3 players.


Meteosat OpenMTP/HRI/HRIT C++ access libraries. This libraries allows programs to read geostationary EUMETSAT native formats. It also contains GDAL drivers and conversion programs.

Kazen - A KDE GUI app to work with the libmtp library.

Basically just trying to make a simple gui that lets you transfer and edit files on an mtp devices on KDE.

Jmtp - Java API to access MTP compatible portable media players

A project aimed at allowing java programs to access MTP compabitble portable media players. The main target is currently windows, by wrapping the WPD api, but design decisions have been made to support both linux and mac os x in the future with the same API. For more information, please see the wiki. My blog:

go-mtpfs - Mount MTP devices over FUSE

Mount MTP devices over FUSE

Cebmtpchat - A <Mtp> Chat! Client written in C++/Qt4

CeB is a multiplatform <mtp> Chat ! client written in Qt4, featuring: Support of Ryzom chat support servers Multi-servers managing Multi-language Tabs for tell, wall, who, etc Support of Lua scripting Search feature Logs Nicknames completion Auto-connections "About me" popups (Warningo) Tray icon (with activity warning) Auto-away and auto-leave Keep-Alive And more...

MTP Playlist Editor

MTP Playlist Editor (PlayEdit) is a gtk gui based on libmtp for creating and editing playlists on an MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) device. PlayEdit is designed primarily for the Sansa View, but may work for other MTP devices supported by libmtp.