My Simple Reminder

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"My Simple Reminder" makes easier for student to study. You'll no longer have to forget class. It's developed in VB.NET



Related Projects


A utility to completely customize the Cool and Quiet feature of AMD K10 (Phenom etc.) processors. It may be used to overclock and/or undervolt the CPU, providing a high degree of tweaking flexibility.

Spellchallenge - This is our attempt at making a good spell checker

This is our attempt at the MSR spell challenge contest. This will be an appengeine spell checking server.

Cpu-msr-multi-processor - read msr register by processors.

This utility can read and write cpu msr register on indicated processor in system. The processor APIC_ID is provided by user. It read all msr register of all processors in system one time.

Msr206-lib - Library for the MSR206 Magnetic Stripe Encoder

This library allows you to communicate with an MSR-206 magnetic stripe encoder to read/write data to magnetic stripe cards.

Senin-msrmining - MSR mining code

MSR mining tools and source codeThis repository contains a tool set I am using for mining of software repositories while participating in MSR Challenge: 1.0 FreeBSDFirst dataset under analysis is CVSAnalY parsed version of the FreeBSD bug database. The new homepage of CVSAnalY is here and documentation is here

Libmsr - Reading, writing and analysis of magnetic stripe information

This project is an independent Free Software implementation of the protocol for the MSR 206 magnetic stripe reader/writer. It is intended to be both a library for use in other programs that wish to interface with the MSR 206 and as a collection of useful user space programs. The MSR 206 comes in various flavors and can do three track reading and writing of magnetic data. It can write both HiCo and LoCo cards in ISO standard formats or in a raw data mode for specifically tailored data. This progr

Iotools - a suite of tools for reading and writing hardware registers

The iotools package provides a set of simple command line tools which allow access to hardware device registers. Supported register interfaces include PCI, IO, memory mapped IO, SMBus, CPUID, and MSR. Also included are some utilities which allow for simple arithmetic, logical, and other operations. If you ever have to debug hardware, you could probably use these tools.

Ripple-ri-prevention - Runway Incursion Prevention software for iOS and Android

Developed at MITRE as part of the MITRE Sponsored Research (MSR) program, the app allows pilots to enter clearances related to runway movement (cleared to cross, hold short) and, in instances where it appears the pilot is not going to comply with the clearance, will issue and aural and verbal warning. An overview and demonstration is provided in the embedded video.

Bimsr - BI�서 MSR하는 후로�

선장님! � 배가 어디로 가고 있나요?