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SML library for serialize/deserialize along with MessagePack format.



Related Projects

rabl - General ruby templating with json, bson, xml, plist and msgpack support

General ruby templating with json, bson, xml, plist and msgpack support

Php-msgpack - PHP extension for interfacing with MessagePack.

SummaryThis extension provide API for communicating with MessagePack serialization. Development code will be. The official version of the code has been integrated into the MessagePack project. (here) Installationpecl command$ pecl channel-discover$ pecl install msgpack/msgpack-betaAfter enabling the extension in php.ini, restarting the web service is required for the changes to be picked up. building$ phpize$ ./configure$ make# make installA successful install

Msgpack-php - MsgPack encode/decode in pure PHP

msgpack-phpSummaryThis project provides a pure PHP-implementation of the MessagePack-format. "MessagePack is an extremely efficient object serialization library. It's like JSON, but very fast and small" ( CommonThe goal of this project is to be a first, simple, and easy to use solution, but it is not highly performing (because it's php not c). Usage// encode$phpVariable = array( 1, 'bla', 'foo');$binaryString = MsgPack_Coder::encode($phpVariable);// decode$phpVaria

Sml-ext - Standard ML utilities

Some utilities for SML.

Pocket-sml - PocketPC Sample Music Library (Pocket smile :)

This library could be usefull for mobile game development. The advantage of using library is low disk cost for music content.


StandardML utility library.


The aim of this project is to export the xfigure library (.xfig) to provide free stencils/shapes for kivio (.sml) and (.sxd,.wmf). The images (over 900) can be used in the`s Gallery.

Tigerjf - Compilador Tiger

Compilador Tiger, implementado en sml.

DocBook sml

DocBook sml maintains multilingual documentations, generates fully automated artifacts(html,pdf,xml,txt), uses DocBook XSL,Saxon,Xalan,FOP,Lynx, is driven by Ant,Yax, supports Computer Aided Translation and runs standalone or in an IDE like Eclipse.