Microsoft Crm 4.0 Filtered Lookup

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A simple mechanism for filtering a inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Does not harm the built in searching capabilities - does not make the lookup search box disappear like the orthodox filter does.



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Libdnet - dumb networking library

libdnet provides a simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines, including network address manipulation, kernel arp(4) cache and route(4) table lookup and manipulation, network firewalling (IP filter, ipfw, ipchains, pf, PktFilter, ...), network interface lookup and manipulation, IP tunnelling, raw IP packet and Ethernet frame transmission.

Java-longfastbloomfilter - longer faster bloom filter

This is a Bloom Filter implemented in Java. Key Features: Most Java bloom filters use Java's BitSet class, which has a maximum number of bits allowed of Integer.MAX_VALUE. This bloom filter uses a custom class named LongBitSet, based off of Java's BitSet class, which allows for a maximum of (Integer.MAX_VALUE * 64) bits. The LongBitSet class also strips out unnecessary operations contained in the BitSet class. Uses extremely fast 64-bit Murmur Hash. Easily customizable to use more memory to spee


rblcheck is a simple tool for performing lookups in DNS-based IP address blacklist databases (DNSBL).This project continues the development of that tool and helpful subsidiary tools (email filters, etc).

SharePoint Filtered Lookup Field

This project creates a custom SharePoint lookup field that offers new functionalities to default SharePoint lookup field by allowing filters to be applied to retrieved data. Applied filters can be either dynamic CAML queries or pre-defined list views residing in source lists

Django-ajax-filtered-fields - Django fields for many to many and foreign key ajax filtered relations

Ajax Filtered FieldsAuthor: Francesco Banconi <> 1   IntroductionTheese fields may be used in a many to many or foreign key relation, where the user may want to apply filters to the listed objects, because of they being too many, or just for usability reasons. 1.1   Technical detailsWhen the user clicks on the chosen filter, an Ajax request is sent. It returns the matching elements in JSON format. The jQuery Javascript library is used. 2   InstallationThe ajax

Snortgrok - Snort Grok is a PHP / MySQL Report Interface for Snort

- clear reports of network intrusions.- filter by date, IP, port, signature, etc.- easy to install. Just set the MySQL password.- configurable for best performance.- self-contained - no graphing libs needed.- can easily delete false positives- provides ARIN whois lookups.- provides ASCII and Hex views of payload.- helps you configure Snort to block or limit noisy rules.

SolidQ Filtered Lookup Columns for Cascading Dropdowns in SharePoint 2010

This framework helps you to do cascading filters in dropdowns lookups columns in SharePoint 2010. It supports more than 20 items scenario, then it works fine with select and also with input tag. And also lets more than one cascade relationship. It is very easy to configure.


GutenPy is a comfortable text reader and catalog browser for Project Gutenberg. It features handy bookmarking, word definition lookups, and powerful catalog browser that uses regular expression filtering.

Nennius Application Engine

Nennius, an advanced, object-oriented application engine for building PHP applications. Provides MVC framework for building all aspects of a data entry application including searching and filtering, lookup columns and more.

Spilp - simple python IIS log parser

Spilp is a simple Python script that takes IIS logs, parses them and creates statistical reports which can be used to discover unusual IP activity more easily. Check usage guide on how to use spilp. A sample of spilp-generated reports archive can be downloaded here. Features:extracts a list of IP addresses with number of hits they made sorted by number of hits extracts a list of "close" IP addresses that made a certain number of hits extracts a list of user agents sorted by number of hits extrac