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Command line application to move a message between MSMQ queues with transactional support.



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MassTransit - Distributed Application Framework for .NET supporting MSMQ and RabbitMQ

Distributed Application Framework for .NET supporting MSMQ and RabbitMQ

Accessing MSMQ from Java , msmq to java , MSMQ to JMS ,JAVA MSMQ, MSMQ to JAVA

This is dll based java API which create a bridge between MSMQ to JAVA.This JAVA API helps to recieve the messages in MSMQ and as well as SEND it to the MSMQ.It also provide a bridge for MSMQ to JMS. Accessing MSMQ from Java with the help of c++ based dll. This library gives ...


This is a JNI library for MSMQ. It allows Java applications to connect to MSMQ on Windows.

Patriq - Dynamic MSMQ Routing Service

Dynamic MSMQ Routing/forwarding Service.

My-networth-calculator - it gives us snapshot of our net worth

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Eipkit - Simple Messaging Kit for Enterprise Integration Patterns

This messaging kit contains one simple component for about a dozen patterns presented in Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). You can combine the components into a larger messaging solution. The kit uses MSMQ, but this dependency is abstracted behind a generic MessageGateway interface. See BigPicture.

Usydvideoservices - USYD Video Services

COMP 5348 Enterprise Software Architecture - Project Assignment - Video Services

Masstransit - A Service Bus Implementation for .NET

MassTransit IS NOW HOSTED ON GITHUB!!! MassTransit Project Home PageDocumentationSource on GitHubRelease Packages(Or just use NuGet to add MassTransit to your project) Thanks to:logo by

Fluorinefx - FluorineFx

Flex/Flash Remoting, Flex Data Services and real-time messaging functionality for the .NET framework Features Flex, Flash Remoting (RPC), Flex AMF Polling Flex Messaging Flex Data Services (partial) Supports AMF0, AMF3 and RTMP, RTMPT protocols Service Browser Template based code generator (ASP.NET like syntax) Real-time Messaging, Remote SharedObject support, Video streaming MSMQ integration Easily integrate rich Internet applications with .NET backend Easily integrate with Adobe Integrated Run

MSMQ Client Library

MSMQ client library is a client for MSMQ server. It provides easy usage of MSMQ server, and can be used in any type of NET framework projects. It is developed in C#, Framework 4.0