source-map - Parse and consume source maps.

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Parse and consume source maps.



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Es5 - A library to introduce EcmaScript 5 features to all browsers

es5.js is a separate, standalone and unobtrusive library that gives the new ES5 functions such as to all browsers. It does not override any previously defined function so that you use the native implementation in the browser when available. The functions in the project are derived from various source like the public Mozilla Developer Center recommendations, Google V8 Project's source code or Douglas Crockford's json2.js library or written by the project authors themselves. Th

Lilyapp - Lily is a browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript.

Lily is an Open Source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. Lily enables users to build programs graphically by connecting functional modules to fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add interactivity or display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Firefox add-ons, run as standalone apps using XULrunner, or (with some limitations) be embedded in a web page. There are over 150 modules available: web service mod

Iflag - Isometric Fallout Like Ajax Game

Isometric Fallout Like Ajax GameFallout oyununa benzer bir ajax oyun... ___ ___ / \\___/ \\ \\___/ \\___/ / \\___/ \\ \\___/ \\___/it's developing with gae & gwt. You will need a google account & browser to play the game. Google web toolkit ve google appengine ile geliştirilen isometric görünümlü ajax oyunu. DEMONote: Use google chrome for best performance. Do not try on I.E. 6 :) Finished works Hexagon-based grids with mouse position Generation of tiles' array Generation of map Movement of

Officeotron - Validation for Office documents (ODF and OOXML)

Office-o-tronA web and command-line application that accepts ODF or OOXML packages and validates the XML within, returning a summary report in XHTML. See the About page for more information ... The source is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v1.1. See it working for this online validator. Office-o-tron is also used by the Officeshots project. Version 0.7.0Credit to Cedric Bosdonnat of Suse for many of the enhancements in this release Is the latest release: Fuller schema validation for OO

Google-summer-of-code-2009-tiki - A project for Google Summer of Code students working on TikiWiki C

TikiWiki CMS/Groupware is a full-featured, web-based, multilingual (35+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, ADOdb, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. It is actively developed by a very large international community. Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge base, intranets, and extranets. Tiki offers a very large number of features "out-of-the-box", arguably more than any other Open S

Leaf - The JavaScript light and extensible apps freedom.

This project is dead. The standards (HTML5, ECMA,...) are doing great! Working on Flux. LEAF is an open JavaScript project. Created to ease the development of Adobe AIR and web apps (even for mobile browsers)... gadgets, widgets and APIs. It is fully compatible with intellisense editors, like Aptana Studio, JSEclipse, Adobe Dreamweaver and others; just because it has a simple and well thinked data structure. Optimum compatibility, speed and size are the most important rules of this project. LEAF

Oscmax2 - osCmax - osCommerce Maximized

osCmax is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. osCmax has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need. There are no artificial limits placed on the feature set, amount of products or sales amounts. osCmax is 100% free to use as needed from a small shop with a few products to tens of thousands of products and customers and larger. Highlights100% Open Source Easy template system - customize your store with html

Chromelist - Chrome List allows you to view the files registered as chrome in Firefox in a directory

Chrome List adds an 'Explore Chrome' item to the Tools menu, from which you can: browse the structure of chrome:// as if it were a normal directory tree. open chrome:// mapped files in Firefox; view the source code of such files; save such files to somewhere else; inspect where the files are being mapped from (jar files, local directory, etc.); look for them in LXR launch them (open them in an editor) get a list of problems in the currently known chrome manifest files

Rpihousing - Offcampus Housing Management System for College Campuses

The goal of the project is to develop an open source solution for off-campus housing while at the same time, acting as a test bed for the WISP PHP framework. This project will be developed as a regular PHP website, then as the WISP Framework ( matures, the project will be branched to incorporate the framework features and act as a test application. More details available at the Introduction Wiki Page. NOTE: If there is a specific feature you want added or c

Ambienthackystat - Develop an interface to Hackystat that utilizes ambient devices

PurposeThe AmbientHackystat project is, at its essence, a system of alerts that lets a development team be aware of the status of their project at all times. But instead of blaring alarms whenever a build fails or annoying pop ups that can distract a developer while he's on a roll, the AmbientHackystat project uses ambient devices that unobtrusively reminds a developer of the current state of the project. These devices simply change color or move around a little when a build fails or if unit tes