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Rtoss - RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me

RTOSS: some programs and scripts that was created or modified by me Which contains: ATrack - my own simple audio tracker File Releases - my own file release PHP script FileList - Modified Directory Listing Script by Ash Young GSPlayeR - Modified GSPlayer by GreenSoftware, Information page GreenPad - Modified GreenPad by k.inaba, Download binary in Blog entry GreenPad-nt350 - a fork of GreenPad for running in NT 3.50 merged to GreenPad GreenPad-nt31 - a fork of GreenPad-nt350 for running in NT 3.

Jessyink - A JavaScript that turns a layered Inkscape SVG image into a presentation.

JessyInkJessyInk is a JavaScript that can be incorporated into an Inkscape SVG image containing several layers. Each layer will be converted into one slide of a presentation. Current features include: slide transitions, effects, an index sheet, a master slide and auto-texts like slide title, slide number and number of slides. News27 December, 2010: JessyInk release 2.0.0 alpha 1: This is a development snapshot of version 2 of JessyInk. The main purpose of this release is to give the community an

pngpong is an open source cross-browser solution for displaying transparent PNG’s in IE, Firefox,

Table of ContentsIssues Solution Change Log Download Tested Browsers How it Works Code Examples Method Definitions List of Parameters Parameter Definitions IssuesIE versions 5.5 - 6.x has issues handling PNG alpha channels. The solution that is available from Microsoft is to use the AlphaImageLoader filter. Now IE 7 is suppose to support this natively (IE 7 Checklist and IE7 Transparent PNG Implementation), but still uses filters to handle the alpha channel. I feel that the filter solutions are

Moz-langpack-id - Paket Bahasa Mozilla Firefox untuk Bahasa Indonesia

Paket Bahasa untuk Mozilla Firefox untuk Bahasa Indonesia (Mozilla Firefox Language Pack Bahasa Indonesia). Perhatian Proyek ini secara resmi ditutup. Semua kode sumber program sudah terintegrasi dengan repositori kode program proyek Mozilla. Situs komunitas Mozilla Indonesia: Untuk mengunduh Firefox silakan langsung menuju ke sasaran: Untuk mengunduh Thunderbird (versi Beta) silakan langsung ke

Igsidebar - Firefox extension to view your iGoogle modules in the sidebar

Downloads for stable releases are available from Mozilla Add-ons only View your iGoogle (formerly known as Google Personalized Home page) modules in the sidebar with an optimized layout. This extension was inspired by a tip posted by Erica Joy on her blog. Erica suggests to create a bookmark to your Google Personalized Home page and to open it in the sidebar using a built-in feature of Firefox. This trick works great - or at least it did worked great until either Google changed the code of the p

Rawflickr - Flickr API kit for Delphi

Rawflickr Delphi LibraryRawflickr is a library designed to allow Delphi programs to access the Flickr API as if it were a set of local function. It does so by providing a set of classes, one for each group of Flickr API methods (auth, blogs, photos, ...) and making the methods inside each class mimic almost exactly the corresponding API method, though using comfortable ObjectPascal types rather than raw strings. License This library is free, open source software released under a Mozilla Public L

Narro - Translate, we're open

Narro really lowers the entry barrier to the software translation world by using a simple, intuitive interface and extensive checking to ensure that translation quality is kept high and people learn by translating, not by reading guidelines. I like to call it open translation because anyone can contribute, anyone can make better suggestions anytime and from anywhere. Translation maintainers benefit as well by pushing the changes to the versioning system or the other way around simply by pushing

Google-summer-of-code-2007-dojo - Code samples from students working with Dojo Foundation for Google

The Dojo Foundation promotes the adoption of Dojo and provides a healthy environment for JavaScript engineering of every stripe. \t\t Dojo is an Open Source DHTML toolkit written in JavaScript. It aims to solve some long-standing historical problems with DHTML which prevented mass adoption of dynamic web application development. Dojo allows you to easily build dynamic capabilities into web pages and any other environment that supports JavaScript sanely. You can use the components that Dojo provi

Mootools-text-overflow-ellipsis-firefox - Implementing ‘text-overflow: ellipsis’ for FireFox usi

This project is intended to allow remote hotlinking for the JavaScript source originally developed by Arno Gideonse. source Almost two years back, devongovett published a small JQuery plugin on his blog. The goal of this plugin was to allow developers to add the ‘text-overflow: ellipsis’ behavior to their websites in all browsers using JQuery. This CSS3 feature adds an extra option to the ‘text-overflow’ property that allows developers to automatically add three ending dots (e.g. ‘…â

Burglish - Burglish System

Announce :: Burglish Systems re-opening to public to proof/demonstrate about Burglish Systems for some reasons. Some sub projects are not available anymore. The contents in this page may change anytime without any reason. Warning :: is Hoax, Kyaw Tun and His folks steal codes from Burglish Systems without our permissions. Burglish SystemIntroductionWhat is Burglish System? Its the Input System and Various Language Tools for Burmese(Myanmar Language). Burglish System1