persona - Persona is a secure, distributed, and easy to use identification system.

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This repository contains several projects related to Persona:* __The Persona Fallback IdP__: A fallback Identity Provider (IdP) for users without native support for Persona via their email provider. Written in node.js, hosted at* __The Persona Remote Verification Service__: A stateless node.js server which handles cryptographic verification of identity assertions. Hosted at, but easy to run locally.* __The Cross-Browser Persona Support Library__: The `include.js` file that provides the `` API for browsers without native support for Persona. This also includes the code for the dialog shown to users of those browsers.* __Sample and Test Code__: For all of the above.



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persona-example - Demonstration of Mozilla Persona

Demonstration of Mozilla Persona

persona-buttons - Mozilla Persona CSS buttons as a component

Mozilla Persona CSS buttons as a component

express-persona - Mozilla Persona integration for Express

Mozilla Persona integration for Express

persona-demo - Playing around with Mozilla Persona

Playing around with Mozilla Persona