mozilla-central - Note: this repo has been shut down, see

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Note: this repo has been shut down, see



Related Projects

mozillians - Mozilla community directory -- A centralized directory of all Mozilla contributors!

Mozilla community directory -- A centralized directory of all Mozilla contributors!

Karlcentral - KARL Central desktop support for KARL

KARL is an open source collaboration and intranet system published by the Open Society Institute, written in Python/BFG. This KARL Central project contains dabbling in how to get RIA support for various KARL usage cases, using the Mozilla platform.

Packaging-spidermonkey - Tools to make snapshots and packages for Mozilla's spidermonkey javascr

Tools to automate making snapshots and packages for Mozilla's spidermonkey javascript engine. This is not endorsed, blessed, or is any way connected with or Code contained in downloads are provided for convenience only, and is separately licensed. Stable (Firefox 3.6.8, 28-July-2010)Latest 2.0 Beta 10 (Firefox 4.0 21-Jan-2011)thanks, --nickg Handy LinksMozilla LinksSpidermonkey Home JSAPI User Guide API Changes in Gecko 1.9.1 Official Newsgroup Mozilla Weekly Upd

Pleiades-rcp - eclipse's rcp and mozilla-gecko component

the central idea here is mozilla browser widgets hosted in a rich extensible client -- the eclipse platform. Eclipse's RCP workbench serving as an extensible platform where the multiple views can be opened, with the default perspective allowing flexible view arrangement. the corresponding history, comments, properties views.

Open-tran - support for the localization of open source software offers an easy access to the translations of open source projects. It acts as a kind of a central Memory Translation database where you can look up a translation suggestion or compare translations across several high-quality projects including: Debian Installer Fedora GNOME Inkscape KDE Mozilla OpenOffice openSUSE XFCE

Dybar - DyBar - Dynamic Toolbar for interactive Web Applications

BackgroundDyBar is a dynamic toolbar which can be added to any webpage in order to provide tools for interactive web applications. A tool is usually a responsive component which is well-known from toolbars of stand-alone applications, such as a button. The core of DyBar is a javascript and a stylesheet file which define the behavior and appearance of the central tools. Please be aware that DyBar only works properly on Mozilla Firefox 2.x for now! Cross-browser support will be released after all

services-central-old - Unofficial import of Mozilla's mozilla-central hg repository using hg-git

Unofficial import of Mozilla's mozilla-central hg repository using hg-git

Missioncontroldotnet - Enterprise Settings Management Code Generator in and for C#

Developing robust, enterprise-friendly Settings Management for Desktop Applications is a hassleWhen developing C#.Net applications for the Windows Desktop in an Enterprise environment, Settings Management is typically a tedious exercise left to the developer. When targeting large-scale deployment, main pain-points are: Certain settings must be managed by a centrally maintained Policy (typically Group Policies applied to the Registry) User should have the ability to customize her experience (read

Mozmetrics - The development of a stats gathering extension for Firefox.

An extension for Firefox that would be used to gather statistical session data, that will then be sent to a central server where all the aggregated data could be displayed and meaningful information extracted from it.

Fennec-ios - port fennec for ios

Introduction This project's goal is to port fennec mobile browser to apple's ios operation system. Details 1,require xcode ( only iPhoneOS4.0.sdk can run! be careful !) 2 get source code git clone git:// 3,for simulator cd /Icefox/mozilla-central cp ./build/iphone-simulator-mozconfig .mozconfig make -f build 4,for device cd /Icefox/mozilla-central cp ./build/iphone-device-mozconfig .mozconfig make -f build 5, todo support IOS 5.0 device 6, con