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List of all the known languages in their English and Native name with locales



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Sorry for so Looooong Time stopI sell my iphone4 since iPhone 4S announce . And till now , there is no way to JB new iPhone 4S. So I won't start new version OM till 4S can JBWish dev-team could release New JB Tools. And Happy New Year.OM 4 is on Cydia/Bigboss repository at Sep 11Newest version is v4.0.4-1Om4 compatible with ipad resolution. If there's any problem ,please mail the log file at /tmp/iomsDebug.log to me , thanks :Dofflical language support : English , Chinese(Traditional & Simplifie

Burglish - Burglish System

Announce :: Burglish Systems re-opening to public to proof/demonstrate about Burglish Systems for some reasons. Some sub projects are not available anymore. The contents in this page may change anytime without any reason. Warning :: is Hoax, Kyaw Tun and His folks steal codes from Burglish Systems without our permissions. Burglish SystemIntroductionWhat is Burglish System? Its the Input System and Various Language Tools for Burmese(Myanmar Language). Burglish System1