input-tests - Client-side tests for Input site

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Before you will be able to run these tests you will need to have Python 2.6 installed.__note__The below instructions will install the required Python libraries into yourglobal Python installation. If you work on multiple Python projects that mightend up needing different versions of the same libraries, you might want tofollow `sudo easy_install pip` with `sudo pip install virtualenv`, and thencreate and activate a [virtualenv]( (e.g. `virtualenvcaseconductor-tests-env; source case-conductor-tests-env/bin/activate`) tocreate a clean "virtual environment" for just this project. Then you can `pipinstall -r requiremenst/mozwebqa.txt` in your virtual environment withoutneeding to use `sudo`.If you don't mind installing globally, just run sudo easy_install pipfollowed by sudo pip install -r requirements.txt__note__If you are running on Ubuntu/Debian you will need to first do sudo apt-get install python-setuptoolsto install the required Python libraries.



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