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A lightweight NodeJS app to provide redirect and proxy service, based on an included config file



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Greutils - Simple and easy to use APIs libraries for GRE(Gecko Runtime Environment) XULRunner / Fire

GREUtils is simple and easy use APIs libraries for GRE (Gecko Runtime Environment) XULRunner / Firefox. It provides: Object extend function include / include_once specified URL script. XPCOM utilities Charset Convert Preferences Services File IO Dialog utilities Controller and CommandDispatcher Helper Cryphto Hash Utilities – md5 / sha1 /sha256 JSON encode / decode use XPCOM implemented Threading – Native Multi-Threading support API References:

Salecontrol - CRM application, contact management, sales reports and more

What is Sale Control Features Requirements Installation Documentation Demo Forum What is Sale ControlSale Control is Customer relationship management Software (CRM). This is a recognised strategy for managing and maintaining a company's clients and sales prospects. Sale Control includes features such as Appointment Organiser, Reporting Tools, Integration with Outlook, and other client management features. Sale Control app runs on Windows,Linux and Mac OS and requires minimal resources. FeaturesP

Ninjas - ActionScript Ninja framework

PROJECTS InformationsLICENCE Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1) (read Licence.txt) PROJECT PAGES ABOUT Author : ALCARAZ Marc (eKameleon) Link : Mail : All projects in this google code related with the ActionScript/ECMAScript Maashaack and VEGAS frameworks. Suiton (2009-2010) - Actionscript 3 coverflow version 1DESCRIPTION The "suiton" application (water element technique) is an opensource pure AS3 coverflow applicati

Esign-helper - Help eSign Customers

eSign HelperThe main goal of the project is to help end-customers on installation and configuration of eSign Services and Authorities. At the moment is complete list of Bulgarian eGovernment sites and banking institutions and is made for Windows. I need help to make this a popular eSign Helper project available for all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) Bulgarian eSign Authorities: B-Trust StampIT Spektar Info Notary Mobisafe At the moment we utilize BATCH scripts to download and install all need

Edifactapi - How to exchange data between organizations? EdifacAPI is a project where Edifact D09A (

Edifact D09A APIQuick startEdifactAPI project convert Edifact D09A standard's messages (invoice, order etc.) to excel definition files and schema files that can be used e.g. for creating Web Services. Below are invoice message examples of these files and web service: Invoice definition excel (For some reason my IE tries to handle this as zip file?!?! Mozilla and Chrome works fine) Invoice schema Invoice Web Service wsdl Invoice Web Service wsdl generated on line by wss running on Google App Engi