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RelengAPI is a [Flask]( application. It is composed of several Python distributions (packages).Each distribution can contain several [Flask Blueprints]( -- web application components.Each Git repository can contain multiple distributions.The base is in the `relengapi` distribution, implemented in `base/`.It implements the root app, with lots of common support functionality, and a number of blueprints.It also searches its python environment for other distributions that can provide blueprints for the Releng API.These act as plugins, adding extra endpoints and other functionality to the API.Other top-level directories of this repository contain other related distributions with more blueprints.Other repositories contain even more distributions, with even more blueprints.All of this is drawn together in production by installing the appropriate distributions on the releng web cluster.When developing, though, only the `relengapi` distribution and the distribution you're hacking on are required.



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