browserid-local-verify - BrowserID library used by the Firefox Accounts verifier

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This repository contains a node.js library for local verification of BrowserID assertions. It is used by [this standalone verifier]( library has the following scope and features: * **authoritative domain lookup** - given a domain, follow the browserid standard to resolve it (following authority delagation) into the ultimatly responsible domain and its public key. * **.well-known document parsing** * **(multiple) secondary IdP support** - The library can be initialized with a set of trusted "fallback IdPs" that are considered authoritative when lookup fails (no support document can be found). * **external HTTP implementation** - You can use node.js's http implementation, or override it and support your own (useful for HTTP proxied environments) * **command line tools** - all of these features are exposed via command line tools for manual inspection of domain's persona configuration. * **assertion verification** - the features above all fuel a simple yet flexible API for local verification of assertions.



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