around - HTML5 foursquare client

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You need `npm` (and thus Node.js). npm install -g stylus volo volo-ghdeploy npm install ./serveThen head to [localhost:8008](http://localhost:8008/).



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Pyhyphen - Hyphenation library for Python

PyHyphen is a wrapper for the Python programming language around the Open Source C library 'libhyphen' originally from hnjlib. It is widely used in software such as and Mozilla. {{{Code example: >>>from hyphen import hyphenator >>>h = hyphenator('en_US') # this language is the default value; it can thus be omitted >>>h.pairs('hyphenation') [[u'hyphen', u'ation'], [u'hy', u'phenation']] >>>h.inserted('hyphenation') u'hy=phen=ation' >>>h.wrap('hyphenation', 7) [u'hyphen-', u'ation']

SpiderApe: Beefing up SpiderMonkey

SpiderApe is a C++ wrapper around SpiderMonkey, Mozilla's C-based JavaScript engine ( It takes advantage of C++'s features to simplify the process of embedding SpiderMonkey into your C++ applications.

Firefox-ntlmauth - Integrated Authentication for Firefox: A Firefox add-on that makes managing NTLM

OverviewMost people don't realize it, but Firefox will do NTLM (Windows pass-through) and SPNEGO (Kerberos, etc.) authentication just like Internet Explorer. Some people solve the issue by going around Firefox and hosting IE right in Firefox. The other way to do it is to keep Firefox as the rendering engine and tell Firefox it's OK to use Windows credentials to authenticate with a given site. The problem is that managing the list of sites you allow Firefox to pass-through authenticate with is no


Scintilla4Web is a small wrapper around the Scintilla-Text-Editor. It provides a Mozilla Plugin and an ActiveX control (IE support) which enables the embedding of the Scintilla-Editor in HTML pages via the OBJECT or EMBED tag.

Jquery-rotate - jQuery extension for image rotation

IntroductionThis library is an extension for jQuery to rotate images directly within JavaScript. Good in situations where you want to organize your thumbnails without the lag of synchronous image operations via the web server. ImplementationTwo JavaScript image handling implementations are supported: using DXImageTransform filter for Microsoft Internet Explorer using Canvas object for other browsers The library has been tested with: Mozilla FireFox Internet Explorer 7.0 Opera 9.1 (note O

Microblog-mailnews - MailNews (Thunderbird/SeaMonkey) extension supporting microblogging services (T

MailNews extension for Mozilla Thunderbird or SeaMonkey to support using microblogging services (Twitter, StatusNet, etc.) as a native account type (i.e. just like using an IMAP or POP account with their own folder hierarchy, etc.). The goal is a full transition into the Thunderbird UI. NOT trying to fit a microblog into a "mail" account, but providing natural access to the facilities of a microblogging account. This includes timelines, replies, direct messages, user management (via an addressbo

Firefoxmultitouchux - Mozilla Labs project: enhancing Mozilla Firefox's build so as to improve u

We plan to tweak around with Mozilla Firefox's UI in such a way that it goes in tune with Multitouch systems. - Google Summer of Code 2010, organization: Mozilla Labs - Mentored by Felipe Gomes

Builtbydave-alternatestyles - alternateStyles.js the allows the users of a website to switch styles

alternateStyles.js is a Javascript object, which once implemented allows the users of a website to switch styles (within the limits set by the developer) on each element of a xhtml document. ExamplesThese examples don’t really show off the potential of alternateStyles.js, however they are commonly used around the web. Text size (body: font-size). Contrast (body: font-color). DependenciesalternateStyles.js has one main dependency, it requires a document.getElementsBySelector() method present. R

Fpcjs - FreePascal JavaScript binding library

Unlike original/official Delphi JavaScript bridge, which is due to its complexness not compileable in FPC (FreePascal) and/or doesn't work really well, is too big, bloated and outdated, this project use only js15decl.pas (basically C header) interface from the original bridge and add very small (simple and maintainable) wrapper around it to simplify the usage of Mozilla JavaScript engine in FPC. It also contain set of minimal working demos how to do basic JS stuff from FPC like call JS function,