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Clone of with Gecko-specific patches. Talk to vlad, jgilbert, or kamidphish for more info.



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Jquery-rotate - jQuery extension for image rotation

IntroductionThis library is an extension for jQuery to rotate images directly within JavaScript. Good in situations where you want to organize your thumbnails without the lag of synchronous image operations via the web server. ImplementationTwo JavaScript image handling implementations are supported: using DXImageTransform filter for Microsoft Internet Explorer using Canvas object for other browsers The library has been tested with: Mozilla FireFox Internet Explorer 7.0 Opera 9.1 (note O

Iflag - Isometric Fallout Like Ajax Game

Isometric Fallout Like Ajax GameFallout oyununa benzer bir ajax oyun... ___ ___ / \\___/ \\ \\___/ \\___/ / \\___/ \\ \\___/ \\___/it's developing with gae & gwt. You will need a google account & browser to play the game. Google web toolkit ve google appengine ile geliştirilen isometric görünümlü ajax oyunu. DEMONote: Use google chrome for best performance. Do not try on I.E. 6 :) Finished works Hexagon-based grids with mouse position Generation of tiles' array Generation of map Movement of

Squirsamp - Squirrel in SA:MP

A plugin that implements the Squirrel scripting language in SA:MP Servers. IntroductionThis plugin, as the name suggests, makes possible the use of Squirrel in SA:MP Servers, an object oriented programming language, which is known by its easy syntax and the various possibilities to do incredible things on it. This is an experimental project, SA:MP Team may update the server and Squirsamp not, so all your work with Squirrel scripting will be lost until we decide to update the plugin to your SA:MP

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