Morse Code Controls

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This is a set of .NET classes and controls for translating and rendering morse code. Objectives of this project:: Create a tool for learning and exploring morse code. Not only render but "play" morse code sounds: possibly by creating a simple MIDI file.



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Morsekb - A soft keyboard for Android allowing for use of the Morse Code system for text input.

A soft keyboard for Android allowing for use of the Morse Code system for text input.

Darklight-toys - Random bits a peaces to toy around with.

These are just random things that I am working on that aren't big enough to place in there own project but large enough that I want to have an off sight backup. I also love open source and thought I would place these out in the world of open source and let others play with them too. If you find a use for these just let me know, I would like to know how this stuff is used. Thinks that I placed in here: 1: Text to Morse code converter. Basic working state Still Alpha

Morsegen - Morse Code Generator

This project aims to create a wave file modulating a Morse code. This is intended for beginners to see how to handle wave frequencies inside a wave file and also how to modulate morse code with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Pidgin-morsecodetalk - Pidgin - MorseCodeTalk

The Pidgin Plugin contains the entire Morse Code. Have one more friend around to use it, it can be a lot of fun to communicate in this way.

Lampandroid - Use your phone as an emergency lamp or morse signals device

Sometime you need to forget about batteries and use your phone as signalling device. You can learn Morse code too.

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