monopoly game

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Monopoly is an open source project for educational purposes. The project will incorporate XNA, Silverlight, WCF technologies. The project will also show good design patterns considerations, and integration into Facebook App. The project will be written in C#.



Related Projects


GtkAtlantic is a client for playing Monopoly-like board games on monopd servers.


Monopolie is the first Open Source clone of the original board game Monopoly for Windows! It works just the same and includes sound effects!


LANopoly is a monopoly styled network multiplayer board game. It's goal is to bring this classic game to PC so it can be played e.g. on LAN-Parties via LAN or with your PC-friends via Internet.

Monopoly-iritamago - Monopoly Game

Monopoly game using Iri Tamago Studio characters for the GUI - cute & less hassle with copyright and all.

Monopoly-uefs - Monopoly game

Monopoly game - designed by LidianyCs e João de Matos.