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Cross Platform Implementation of XNA for iOS, Android, Mac , Linux, Windows, Windows8, OUYA and Playstation Mobile



Related Projects

MonoGame - Write Once, Play Everywhere

An Open Source, implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Our goal is to allow XNA developers to target iOS, Android, Windows 8, Mac, Linux and more!

MonoGame-Samples - All the Samples the work with MonoGame

All the Samples the work with MonoGame

Yna Engine

Yna is a lightweight 2D and 3D game engine using MonoGame Framework (or XNA).

Content Factory

The Content Factory is an auxiliary MonoGame game development tool. It provides contents management functions.

Convection Game Engine

A basic game engine written in C# using MonoGame.


A simple to use game framework using MonoGame and Farseer Physics

Ruminate XNA 4.0 GUI

Ruminate event driven GUI library for PC. Supportes widgets: Text Box, Check Box, Radio Buttons, Buttons, Labels, Panels. Fully skinnable and easily extendable.


C# MonoGame version of the Delta Engine - Open Source Multiplatform Game Development

MonoGame - Monogame desd

Monogame desd

boids - An implementation of boids in MonoGame.

An implementation of boids in MonoGame.