MongoDB Managment Client

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Development MongoDB Web client. HTML 5 jQuery. One page web application. When Windows 8 metro is released then Metro style application To.



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Mongoose - Elegant MongoDB object modeling for Node.js

MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment. It provides a straight-forward, schema-based solution to modeling your application data and includes built-in type casting, validation, query building, business logic hooks and more, out of the box.

Jongo - Query in Java as in Mongo shell

Jongo helps to query in Java as in Mongo shell. Mongo query language isn't available in Java, Jongo fixes that. Copy/paste your queries to string. It provides support to save and find objects into and from collections. You can use embedded Jackson marshalling or create your own.

MongoDBClient - Objective-C MongoDB client framework

Objective-C MongoDB client framework