Mongodb-CSharp - C# driver to connect MongoDB

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This is a driver to connect to MongoDB using .Net. It is written entirely in C# and has been tested and developed under both Windows and Mono 2.0 (Ubuntu 32-bit 9.04). Currently many features have been implemented with a few remaining. The api is very likely to change and be in flux for a while but is quickly settling down. Its features include:

  • Connect to a server.
  • Support to Query, Insert, Update, Delete, Count
  • All BSON types supported
  • DBRef support
  • Isolation and conversion between BSON types and native .net types.
  • Database, Collection and Cursor objects.
  • Index handling routines (List, Create, Drop)
  • Roughly 80% unit test coverage. This can and will be improved on.
  • Paired connections
  • Authentication (Does not reauthorize on auto reconnect yet).
  • Database Commands
  • Basic Linq support
  • GridFS support
  • Map Reduce helpers.
  • hint, explain, $where
  • Safemode
  • Exceptions
  • Connection Pooling



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