Mona artificial neural network

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Mona is a goal-seeking artificial neural network.that is able to learn a number of tasks, including how to solve mazes and forage for food and water. The simulated environment included in this package is a block world containing mushrooms and pools of water. Robot-like creatur...



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Mona Font, a Japanese font for text arts

Mona Font is a Japanese proportional font which allows you to view Japanese text arts correctly.

Evoluto - A program to crate evolving toy programs

Inspired by a blog post by Roger Alsing, Evolution of Mona Lisa I decided to create a toy IDE where you can create small programs that evolve images. For example, a (lame) attempt to evolve mona lisa from translucent triangles: It's very early stages.

Mona OS

Small, new and fast micro kernel operationg system written in C++. Mona OS has two GUIs and network. source code is available on

Maze3dflyer - generate, display, and navigate a random 3D maze

maze3dflyer is:An OpenGL graphics demo/game. It generates a random 3D maze with some configurable properties, and displays the maze using textured 3D graphics. You can "fly" through and around the maze using standard movement controls. News2009/10/30: released v1.5.4 (minor feature release) added pictures on walls (just Mona Lisa for now) 2009/10/29: released v1.5.3 (minor feature release) fixed  issue #4 , problem with going forward and sideways at the same time 2009/10/23: released v1.5.2 (min

Umjammer - Umjammer's Examples

Umjammer's ExamplesWikiヨーロッパ�カーナビドライブ PS2 Linux Language Comparison プログラム�や��り言語 �ん�ゃ��MVC Open Sourcedoja-jme-bridge ... doja emulation library for jme (under construction) vavi-3d... vavi 3d sample vavi-apps-fat32 ... low level fat 32 library for windows vavi-apps-gae03 ... opensocial, facebook, oauth, rest (jsr-311) on gae vavi-apps-gae09 ... toowitter, tweet over 140 letters on gae vavi-apps-ggps ... gps and location server (und

Mona-framework - Mobile Network Abstraction (MONA) Framework

Services and framework for iPhone and Android based mobile devices that moves the network layer away from applications, widgets, cydgets, etc.This increases widget performance and betters the user's experience. The system also increases the battery life of "widget heavy" devices by caching location information as well as data from predefined network data sources.How Apps, widgets, cydgets work currently.App <------------------> Cell/data network <------> Data SourceWidget <------------------> Ce

Genimager - Genetic Algorithm Imager

A program based off of the idea found in this blog post --> <-- by Roger Alsing, but not sharing any code (only based on description given). Given an input image, generate a copy by evolving the transparent polygons which compose the image.

Monas-language - Monas Language (main page)

Monas Language & EditorMonas adalah bahasa pemrograman berbahasa Indonesia yang dirancang sedemikian rupa agar mudah dipelajari terutama oleh siswa/siswi tingkat dasar dari segala pelosok Indonesia. Silakan lihat DesignNotes untuk informasi lebih jauh. Instalasi1. Untuk menggunakan program ini, anda harus install Java 1.6 terlebih dulu di komputer anda. Anda dapat mendownload Java dari 2. Download monas-installer.exe untuk Windows atau monas-installer.jar untuk platform lain

Sinestesia - Image Digital Processing - Final Project

This is a software made as the final project of the IDP from the UFPB Computer Science course. It is known light and sound are wave forms. There are many sorts of studies, including synesthesia, that try to make a bridge between the frequences of both light and sound. The goal of the software is to load an image, and to map it into a midi music, and vice-versa. It is a huge source of curiosity for musicians who want to know what could come out of the Mona Lisa, and for the painting artists who w

Oyster-fss - Ein Datei-Verwaltungssystem in PHP für den Webserver ohne MySQL.

We got some more to show! Follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook! Folgen Sie uns auf Twitter oder werden Sie ein Fan auf Facebook! Oyster Dragon coming... somewhen! Stay tuned for updates! The Oyster Dragon has a new home: STATUS UPDATES Fri Sep 4 '09 - Oyster Dragon Desktop Application is done. Still way to go! Wed Dec 2 '09 - Added a login-feature (Cookie-Based, again) Sun Feb 28 '10 - Fixed some Bugs in the Aquarium App. Really excited about recreating the Mona Lisa