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This is a Game project to make an apirl fools joke into a real playable game: http://forest.her.jp/tougen/kyogiraku/ This Game Mainly Uses HGE 1.81 DirectX9 with audiere. Touhou Project Originally by: ZUN ???????? http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/




Related Projects

Lstg - Touhou-like shooting game engine based on Lua

LSTG is a Touhou-like shooting game engine based on Lua. It allows you to create your own Touhou-like game easily.

Tsukikage - Bullet hell shooter engine for the Android platform, inspired by the Touhou Project.

Project Tsukikage 「月影� Inspired by the Touhou Project, Project Tsukikage aims to bring the bullet hell shooter genre to the Google Android platform.

Doujindb - A program used to manage a digital collection of comic books.

Light, multi-platform, java-based doujin management system. You can manage all your digitalized media files through a Desktop-like user interface, putting tags/authors/links. You can later search for a certain item through the whole database. You can now also batch-import media from a list of folders; the plugin will automatically scan/resize/upload covers to the DoujinshiDB trying to guess the right info and then add it to the database. DoujinDB makes use of Cayenne for the Database backend. Ho

Touhou-game-engine-proyect - Motor de juegos de tipo danmaku

Creación desde cero de un motor para juegos tipo danmaku (Touhou proyect) con documentación en español al 100% y multiplataforma.

thbattle - A Sanguosha board game clone, based on Touhou Project

A Sanguosha board game clone, based on Touhou Project


这是一个用.net开发的以东方为主题的卡牌游戏 An card game about touhou developed by .net framework

Puzzle-shmup - A hybrid puzzle/shoot-em-up game

A game a friend and I are coding in C# with XNA. It's sorta a cross between Puyo Puyo and Touhou. The core game play is in place. You can play 2 player or against a basic, but challenging, AI opponent.

Threp - replay decoder for touhou series

replay decoder for touhou series