Mobo Player

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Mobo is a simple yet functional and stylish media player, designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. Mobo is developed in It has a plugin engine (still in development) and a modern look-and-feel.



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Mobotv - WebTV for Mobile Internet Devices

IntroductionMoboTV, has as a main goal, provide an easy way to watching TV from Web on MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices). HistoryMoboTV project was born at YourMove, the Moblin developers challenge, Brazilian edition. Project statusVersion 0.2 released! Package for Ubuntu MID edition (hardy, lpia) is available at Downloads section. DevelopmentFor Build instructions, dependencies, and so on, please, see Wiki. InformationMoboTV is developed by: Renê de Souza Pinto

Sdr-widget - Audio and Control Interface for Amateur Radio SDR and Audiophile USB-DAC

Project DescriptionSDR-Widget is an interface based on the Atmel AT32UC3A3 microcontroller that provides the following functionality to SDR circuits such as the SoftRock. A branch of the project called audio-widget provides a USB-I2S module and various Analog Boards (AB) for audiophile USB-DAC playback. High quality audio using the USB Audio Class standard (UAC1 and UAC2) 48/96/192khz 24bit Rx using HPSDR protocol (non soundcard protocol) PTT control Si570 control SWR metering PWR metering PA He

MoboRoboSim - Mobile Robot Simulator

Mobile Robot Simulator


Microcontroller and driver code for a modular motor controller that fits in a PCI slot on a mobo or an accompanying USB-client backplane.


Create an Openembedded Image with oFono and QML GUI for the Topas910 board