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MiniPlayer: Cutest Player



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Ituneshelperdotnet - Some Samples of how to interact with iTunes using the .Net Library

Here are some samples for how to interact with the iTunes API library using, the examples are:1. SongFinder - a class to find all of the songs on your playlist2. MiniPlayer - a Windows Forms App to use to control iTunes.3. iPodDetector - a tool that detects when an iPod is or isn't connected.

Mediakeysplugin - Plugin for Fluid to integrate Apple's Multimedia keys with Javascript

ABOUTFluid, the site-specific browser host, allows you to add javascript to modify existing sites, with some specific extensions for better integration (such as Growl). However, neither Javascript nor Fluid, binds to the multimedia keys (play, forward, backward) found on Apple's full keyboard. This extension, written in Objective-C, adds this capability to Fluid written in a manner that directly binds to Javascript in a site-agnostic manner. Web sites can link against this, or userscripts can ac

Myslacker - A standalone open source slacker player is a great Internet radio site. mySlacker is a simple tool to bring the slacker radio out of your browser and into it's own. Why not use Slacker's mini-player? The slacker mini-player doesn't work on Mac or Linux. I love Slacker's service, and would definitely recommend signing up for Slacker Radio Plus. Get mySlackerCurrently, mySlacker is in it's infant stages, and just embeds the player from into it's own window. It's a very simple small python script. In order

Kinoplayer - Media player for Anrdoid with advanced UX options

Welcome to Kino!Kino is a music player for the android platform, where the interface includes specialized features like gross motoric interface gestures, use of the entire screen as a pressable surface and other UX enhancements. It was built as part of the PostPC course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Opher Vishnia & Or Avrahami. FeaturesDouble tap the device to pause\\play (even when it's in your pocket!) Swipe your finger left or right across the screen in player made or on the minipl


Safari and Chromes extension that alters the video popup on SVT Play to a resizable popup window with just the player and nothing else.

soundcloud-miniplayer - A chrome extension adding a soundcloud search/player to your browser bar

A chrome extension adding a soundcloud search/player to your browser bar

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