mini ESB

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Este es un proyecto de ejemplo para construir un ESB utilizando tecnologías .NET



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Apache ServiceMix - Apache ServiceMix is an open source ESB implementing JBI.

Apache ServiceMix is an open source distributed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and SOA toolkit built from the ground up on the semantics and APIs of the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification JSR 208 and released under the Apache license.

Apache Synapse - Lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Apache Synapse is a lightweight ESB engine and XML router.

Agileesb - Simple ESB on the Microsoft.NET platform

Simple ESB on the Microsoft.NET platform

Jbossesbclipsevisualizer - Eclipse plugin which allows to vizualize the contents of JBoss ESB xml-co

Eclipse plugin for JBoss ESB developers.Based on Java model created from jboss-esb.xsd using Eclipse EMF's XSD2JAVA generation tool. Uses Eclipse Mylyn Zest to create the visualization.

Poem - OpenESB Monitor

Monitor for OpenESB POEM 2.0 new features. BPEL Activities Names and Types instead of xpath Simple Variable values visibility Full BPEL tree in Monitor

Legstar-jbossesb - LegStar for JBoss ESB - Mainframe integration for Red Hat JBoss ESB

IntroductionLegStar for JBoss ESB is an open-source integration solution for IBM mainframes designed for JBoss ESB, an open-source Enterprise Service Bus based on SOA principles. LegStar for JBoss ESB leverages LegStar, an open-source solution for COBOL and IBM mainframe integration. LegStar offers tools to bind COBOL structures to XML schema and Java. It also offers transports to, and from, IBM mainframes. LegStar for JBoss ESB provides tools to adapt mainframe programs as ESB services but it a

Loanbroker - Loan Broker Example

Loan Broker ExampleShort descriptionAnother loan broker example with the Mule-Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) AboutLittle project from three students of the university of Furtwangen (Black-Forest, Germany). The idea was the implementation of an Loanbroker with the Mule ESB.

Openeai-lite - An open source enterprise integration solution providing an ESB, message broker and m

OpenEAI Lite is an open source enterprise integration solution providing an ESB, message broker and message router. The "lite" version can be used to create a network of brokers in a complex middleware environment with a central OpenEAI instance.

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