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Related Projects

JExplosion - A Cool Java Minesweeper

A java based 'Minesweeper' clone that uses native javax.swing components as graphical interface. It comes with my cool feature of 'Invulnerabilty' - it enables you to go on after stepping on a mine - my girlfriend wished that ;-)

Eagle Mode

Eagle Mode is a zoomable user interface (ZUI) with professional file manager, text amp; image viewer, audio amp; video player, archiver, chess game, 3D minesweeper, world clock, and fractal fun, all integrated in a virtual cosmos, with C++ toolkit API.

Dbbh - An asteroids + minesweeper hybrid.

An asteroids + minesweeper hybrid.

Hexamines - Hexagonal minesweeper game

This is a javascript implementation of an hexagonal minesweeper-like game.

Minas - Minas!

Game based on MSN Minesweeper to play versus your friend.

Jminesweeper - Java MineSweeper

Its the classic windows game minesweeper made in Java.Status: Finished

Shivaminesweeper - Minesweeper game on the web. Written in Java

Minesweeper game on the web. Written in Java to increase/showcase my coding skills.

Regominer2 - Hexagonal Minesweeper

My first JAVA project. My implementation of Minesweeper based on hexagonal grid.

Team-apollo-lab1 - Minesweeper for CS232 in Java

The Project will cover the graphical layout and algorithmic formulas for use in minesweeper.


Simple holded JAVA Tool to Play minesweeper, a Local SQL-Database is used.