Minecraft Tools

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This project includes various .NET-based tools for working with Minecraft, including a speedy map renderer and an easy-to-use mod installer.




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Minecraft-API - Minecraft API development

Minecraft API development

Minecraft - Simple Minecraft-inspired program using Python and Pyglet

Simple Minecraft-inspired program using Python and Pyglet


This is a mod to minecraft aimed at providing advanced building capabilities to the game.

Manic Digger

Manic Digger is a public domain 3d block-building game similar to Minecraft.


PocketMine-MP is a server software for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). It has a Plugin API that enables a developer to extend it and add new features, or change default ones The entire server is done in PHP, and has been tested, profiled and optimized to run smoothly. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP


Render high-resolution maps of a Minecraft world with a Google Maps powered interface


Essentials - Minecraft server command mod - Adds over 100 commands for use in-game to help manage a server


Terasology is an open source project started by Benjamin "begla" Glatzel to research procedural terrain generation and efficient rendering techniques in Java using the LWJGL. The engine uses a block-based voxel-like approach as seen in Minecraft. After proving itself as a solid tech demo begla was joined at first by Anton "small-jeeper" Kireev and Rasmus "Cervator" Praestholm and a full-fledged game concept was born. Our goal is a game that pays ample tribute to Minecraft in initial look and or


A Mod so that Minecraft now natively supports Mumble's positional audio feature. This means: Directional and positionally attenuated VOIP in relation to the game world. Please visit the Forum for information about the newest Version! Main Forum-Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=235800 TheSkorm's Fork on GitHub: https://github.com/TheSkorm/mod_mumblelink Mumble: http://mumble.sourceforge.net

mcedit - MCEdit, Minecraft World Editor

MCEdit, Minecraft World Editor