Who wants to be a millionaire

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This project is application running on Windows Phone 7




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jQuizShow (Millionaire game)

The jQuizShow is based on the popular quot;Who Wants to Be a Millionairequot; TV game show. It forms the framework around which a group can play their own Millionaire-like game. Customizable and it is easy to add your own questions and answers. Java 1.3.1+

Escopa - Escopa in Java.

Escopa is a card game where you must add 15 with one card in your hand and one or more from the table. It uses a 40 card deck (K, Q and J are excluded from a regular deck). I started this project using Ruby. But since it is a lot easier to find jobs in Java (at least here in Brazil). I wanted this as my portfolio in Java rather than Ruby. One of the ideas is to make this multiplayer using one application server and still have some sort of artificial intelligence player. Another thing is that thi

Wanna-ba-a-dotnet-ninja - .Net quiz game, "do you want to be a millionaire" style, in WPF.

PLEASE NOTE: The live version of this project has moved to Github. This is a simple yet exciting game show for .NET developers. Version 1 is loaded with 214 questions of varying difficulty. Can you prove you're a .NET Ninja? Download the installer and try it out. Should be great fun to run at the office. And turn up your speakers to enjoy the sound effects! Some important keyboard shortcutsCtrl+N: Load new/next question Use A, B, C, or D to answer a question ENTER commits the question and displa

Math Millionaire

This Project is a math quiz with use of random funciton for generating questions and answers

millionaire - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


a multi millionaire project

Millionaire - Famouse game the millionaire based on JAXB

Famouse game the millionaire based on JAXB

MM_Web - Memory Millionaire for Web

Memory Millionaire for Web

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