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Starting point for some of my projects. Already includes libraries and filesthat I use often and some boilerplate code. **This structure is targetted formid-size to large projects** (10K+ JS LOC, 2K+ CSS LOC)You should consider using [HTML5 Boilerplate]( of my boilerplate since it's broadly used, have proper documentation,lots of contributors, etc... The only reason I'm not using it is because itdoesn't fit my current workflow.. - I like AMD modules and been usingRequireJS optimizer to combine my JavaScript and CSS files, I'm alsosplitting my CSS across multiple files and have a[base CSS framework]( that I useon most projects. Even if I used HTML5 Boilerplate I would still need tospend some time tweaking it for my needs so it's better to just treat it asa separate thing...Not sure how far I will keep using this structure and even if this repositorymakes any sense since I'm constantly changing things and every project havedifferent needs but I used a similar structure on the past few projects and itworked really well... Maybe I will even create different branches for differentkinds of projects and some sample JS code for the core structure of singlepage apps and normal HTML sites. - let's see how things goes...**Use it with care and don't take it too serious.**PS: It doesn't come with any server settings files, use [html5-bolierplate serverconfigs]( I'm borrowing many things from HTML5 Boilerplate but somethings are just coincidence, I will try to give credits whenever possible andcopy some useful stuff that is still missing (like optimizing images), but willtry to keep it simple.



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