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Ihm-initiation - initiation à l'ihm

creation de fenetre, formes 2D, fontes, images

Ccttttee - ctte en mieux

création d'une ihm pour la construction d'arbres de taches

Jme-tp-java-um2-master - les tp de java (IHM, Prog par Objets Concurrents, ...)

mettre ici tout mes tp de Java de master 1 info a Montpellier II. on y trouvera comment faire une IHM, quelques exemples d'utilisation des Threads, enfin pour le visiteur, cela pourrait être un tutoriel sur ce que l'on fait en Master 1 info a Montpellier 2 .

Energywatchers - Projektstudium FHM

EnergyWatchers Das Ziel von EnergyWatchers ist es, den Verbraucher für das Thema Energieverbrauch zu sensibilisieren und ihn so zu einem schonenden Umgang mit der Ressource Energie zu führen. Dazu soll ihm ein leicht zu bedienendes Paket aus Hardware- und Software-Komponenten für den „Haushalts-PC“ seinen bisherigen Stromverbrauch und die dadurch verursachten Kosten aufzeigen mit den gesammelten Daten seine Energieeinsparpotentiale ermitteln ihm Tipps geben, wie er ganz konkret Strom spar

Efd - Evidence For Development - PHP Poster for David Brown's MSc Dissertation

Latest StatusTHIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER ACTIVE - IT WAS A PROTOTYPE THAT COMPLETED AND ACHIEVED ITS PURPOSE. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE LATEST NEWS ON EVIDENCE for DEVELOPMENT'S OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT YOU SHOULD LOOK HERE: http://code.google.com/p/open-ihm/ IntroductionWiki for Evidence For Development Individual Household Model software redevelopment EFD Home Page DetailsJohn Seaman and Celia Petty spent years working out how to ¡measure¢ poverty in rural communities. First at a high level at

Phpmyscada - SCADA based on MySQL, TCL/Tk and PHP with drivers for the principal PLC's and contr

Today SCADA systems are products closed and without small or any support for open source databases, IHM, controllers, etc. The aim of the project is make a SCADA open source that use open source and give the freedom of modifications, improvements or adaptation to the plant process. The system has been working several years at CERN and now I would like to give the code for improvement and general use. Mainly is based on Siemens PLC's S5, S7300 and S7400 but can easily been adapted to other hardwa