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It's a small software for a factory



Related Projects

Picinmht - pictures in mht file

IntroductionThis project is a Google appengine project, which will extract 'all' images in a mht file. LimitationThe size of a single image can not exceed 1M bytes. Large mht files can only be uploaded by client. DemoTry picinmht The client is hosted at, to download the client, Read for more information. Bug Report or Feature SuggestPlease visit Issues

Url2mhtml - Creates a MHTML file from a target URL

This is a C# (CSharp) port of MhtBuilder at "Most of these are self-explanatory, with the exception of the Web Archive (MHTML) format. What's neat about this format is that it bundles the web page and all of its references, into a single compact .MHT file. It's a lot easier to distribute a single self-contained file than it is to distribute a HTML file with a subfolder full of image/CSS/Flash/XML files referenced by that HTML file. In our case,

HTML to MHT converter

converts multiple htmls (with their images) to a SINGLE mht file. for use with programs like offline explorer and teleport pro.

Java-k-best - Java implementation of the Murty algorithm to obtain the K best assignments

Implementation of the Murty algorithm to obtain the best K assignments. Includes the implementation of the Jonker-Volgenant algorithm. Usual applications are multiple target tracking algorithms, Joint Probabilistic Data Association (JPDA), Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT), Global Nearest Neighbours (GNN), etc. Based on the original code by Jonker-Volgenant, and the Murty Matlab implementation by Eric Trautmann (

Mhttohtml - Convert a MHT file to a HTML

MHT files are Microsoft's website-in-a-file format that contains the webpage along with embedded content. This programs converts an MHT file into format viewable by other browsers, such as Firefox. The result is a HTML file and a directory that contains the embedded files.

EMLReader - EML and MHT file viewer

EML and MHT file viewer

MHT - Multiple Hypothesis Tracking

Multiple Hypothesis Tracking

mht - TODO: one-line summary of your gem

TODO: one-line summary of your gem

merkle-hash-tree - A Ruby implementation of a merkle hash tree

This gem contains an implementation of "Merkle Hash Trees" (MHT). Specifically, it implements the variant described in RFC6962, as the initial use-case for this gem was for an implementation of a Certificate Transparency log server.

mht-rip - Tool for reading mhtml files and extracting images and text into separate files.

Tool for reading mhtml files and extracting images and text into separate files.