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The MG3D project is an open source graphic 3D engine programmed in managed C# and Directx. This pretend to be a generic, and comprensive graphic engine with a focus in engineering, research or medical applications.



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Pckme - Targeted sequencing capture oligo probes and pcr primers

This project is useful for targeted sequencing and capture probe creation on a genome scale. It runs as a single command-line script. Options are given below: % ./ --helpUsage: [options]Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit --email=EMAIL users email address to send the data files --obed=OBED output file name --ozip=OZIP output file name -f FILENAME, --file=FILENAME the input file for primer design required as a fullpath could should be 2 column (chr and position) o

Energyplus-frontend - Editor for Energy Plus building simulation

Energy Plus is a building simulation suite. This software is to create and edit building description files. Thursday September 10, 2009Uploaded version 0.1 of the idf editor. See below for the software dependancies. This only works with Energy Plus IDF files version 3.1. Known Issue: On some platforms the file dialog is unstable and crashes. To run the software, after extracting all the files into a folder, run: python idfeditor.pySaturday, Sept

Js-openctm - Port of OpenCTM to JavaScript

js-openctm is a JavaScript library for reading OpenCTM files. OpenCTM is a file format for storing 3D triangle meshes created by Marcus Geelnard. Some parts of this library are a direct traslation to JavaScript from original C source code found on the OpenCTM SDK. Demo- Live demo! - Using Three.js to render Video How to use?Three steps are required: 1) Retrieve your .ctm file from the web, as usual: function retrieve(url){ var request = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", url, false); requ

Dudumao1860 - 一个�费的,简�的,基于PHP开�的�无数�库】相册

kh_mod中文�布:kh_mod 0.4.0 pl1 �BUG修�更新 (2012.02.22) kh_mod 0.4.0 final 简体中文版�布(2012.02.16) kh_mod 0.4.0 final 中文语言包�布(2012.02.15) kh_mod 0.4.0 b4 简体中文版�布(2011.08.05) kh_mod 0.3.3 简体中文版�布(2010.03.27) �步镜�: 问题�馈: kh_mod更新记录:kh_mod 0.4.0 final简体中文版(20110222) - 修��删除原始文

Kh-mod - 一个�费的,简�的,基于PHP开�的�无数�库】相册

kh_mod中文å�‘布:kh_mod 0.4.0 pl1 å°�BUGä¿®å¤�æ›´æ–° (2012.02.22) kh_mod 0.4.0 final 简体中文版å�‘布(2012.02.16) kh_mod 0.4.0 final 中文语言包å�‘布(2012.02.15) kh_mod 0.4.0 b4 简体中文版å�‘布(2011.08.05) kh_mod 0.3.3 简体中文版å�‘布(2010.03.27) å�Œæ­¥é•œåƒ�: 问题å��馈: kh_mod更新记录:kh_mod 0.4.0 final简体中文版(20110216) - ä¿®å¤�ã€�删除原å

Cidades-estados-js - Cidades e Estados em JavaScript

UpdateSaiu do forno a nova versão 1.2 estável na qual não é mais preciso criar selects obstrusivos. Agora você pode implementar o cidades-estados-js em inputs (type text) ou qualquer outra tag. Veja a implementação do script funcionando. GeralA intenção deste projeto é colocar sempre em um único lugar um arquivo javascript que pode ser utilizado em qualquer site para criar duas combo-box (em html, select) com escolha de estados e cidades. Decidi hospedá-lo no servidor do google porqu

Prolog-mcfg-parser - The Prolog MCFG Parsing Library

This is a library of Prolog files for parsing Multiple Context-Free Grammars. Note 1: This is a programming library! Good knowledge of Prolog, and of Multiple Context-Free Grammars, is required to be able to use it. Note 2: The library only works for Sicstus Prolog 3. Someday I might port it to SWI prolog. Here can be found implementations of some of the algorithms I describe in chapter 4 of my PhD Thesis (2004). The algorithms are implemented using deductive parsing, in the spirit of Shieber, S

Controlcust - Sistema para Controle de Custos - ControlCust - Software para Disciplina de Engenharia

Este sistema será desenvolvido para o controle do custos de uma empresa, e contém as entidade: Departamento, funcionários, administrador, Contas e Movimentações. As movimentações geram créditos ou débitos nas Contas. Existem ainda as categorias agente financeiro e gerente financeiro para a entidade funcionário. O projeto será desenvolvido em java, com SGDB MySQL. O sistema é um exercício prático desenvolvido pela Equipe Revolution, formada pelos alunos: Allan Dellon, Ivalmir, José

Bassh-secure-shell-in-bash - An attempt to write secure shell client in bash

This is an attempt to write a secure shell client using not much more than bash. Its a fun project with not much but possibly some users :) The following is the approach: a. Create a two way pipe b. Tee the contents written and read, through two files inflow and outflow c. Construct all the SSH packets using shell techniques (fold, awk, echo, ...) d. Write to the two way socket and read from it using netcat Later: Wrire algorithms such as md5, hmac, rc4 etc in bash Client output as of now:bash s

Spaceview - space visualization

SpaceView Projekt mający na celu zwizualizowanie przestrzeni kosmicznej. Stworzony na zaliczenie projektu z Programowania Grafiki Komputerowej. Oceniony na 5.0 (shadery na 4.0). Klawiszologia Pobierz Screenshots: v. 0.6 r70 dodana mgławica modelowana w Cg (shadery) usunięta zależność od iconv.dll i zlib1.dll całkowity brak wymogu posiadania zainstalowanych biliotek Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable klawisz góra, lewo, prawo i dół działają jak w,s,a,d kosmetyczne zmiany v. 0.5 r67