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Related Projects

Oelf - Only Everything Lasts Forverer

Only Everything Lasts Forever is a sound composition containing every sound we can distinguish. It explores the social and political associations of sound representation along with the psychology and philosophy of noise and emptiness. Hosted here are Java and C++ libraries I've been developing for manipulating logical MP3 frames, along with a written thesis exploring these questions, working towards the completion of an MFA.

Z3d-mfa - Z3D - Mozilla Firefox Add-on

z3d-mfa is a Mozilla Firefox browser extension that transforms a regular web page in an anaglyphic page.

Mfa-simulator - it's a program simulating interactions between molecules

it's a program for biochemical interactions between molecules in organism and it's one of the part of the artificial cell machine which shall be a future project.

Gh-mfa-v2 - tp2 algo3

version mas prolija



MFA - Test repository

Test repository

thesis-paper - UCSC Digital Arts + New Media MFA Thesis Paper

UCSC Digital Arts + New Media MFA Thesis Paper