Mathematical Finance

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The world of finance can be distilled into mathematics, then implemented in software. Rinse. Repeat.



Related Projects


This is a simple utility to enable Linux users to use 3G Internet from Bulgarian mobile operators with 3G USB modems without any configurations performed by the user. Currently tested on recent Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE distributions and following devices: HUAWEI E173 (Vivacom), Alcatel X220L (Vivacom), ZTE MF190 (Globul), ZTE K3565-Z (M-tel). connect_3g now supports PIN code security, though using it is not recommended.


The mfBox is a Matlab toolbox for performing model-free analysis of multivariate data sets. It also plugs into SPM used for the analysis of multivariate brain recordings such as fMRI, SPECT and PET data sets.

Military Forces

Military Forces (or short MF) was originally a total conversion for Quake 3, but is now a standalone game. It allows the player to control planes, helicopters, tanks or infantry.

.NET Micro Framework

The .NET Micro Framework combines embedded managed code development with Microsoft Visual Studio® tools to deliver exceptional productivity on small devices.

mfLY! for Visual Studio 2008 Community

The mfLY! for Visual Studio 2008 Community is a place for mfLY! developers to connect, share code, and collaborate on mfLY! based projects. mfLY! is a Windows Mobile MVC Framework developed by Blue Dot Solutions.

Mf4jexamples - Example code for using the mf4j API

Example code showing the use of the Minimalistic Flickr For Java API (mf4j).

Mf2c - .NET Micro Framework to C translator

This project purpose to create a small and portable version of MicroFramework 4.0 implementation. The difference between this project and the original one (MS MF) is that result of translation is pure C code which can be compiled into application or library.

Cronsms - Envia sms por ZTE MF626, MF100 de Claro o Movitar

Este script echo en python permite enviar SMS por descargados desde una tabla.

Haushalt - Haushalt

Diese Software wird von mir zum selbst lernen Enwickelt. Sie soll am Ende helfen seinen Haushalt zu verwalten. MfG Björn

Silverware - WOOWOO Silverware

WOOWOOWOOWOO Silverware is a set of interfaces and classes used in the WOOWOO Modeling Framework. Silverware is an intermediary to models running on the JVM; this allows us to leverage the benefit of the JVM while providing the flexibility of modern languages such as Scala, Groovy, Ruby, Python, and Fortress. MFThe core competencies of WOOWOO MF are aligned to address the pain points of running, sweeping, maintaining, and recalling models implemented in Matlab, Excel, or Fortran: Interpreted lan