Meuludoreal - Jogo de Ludo em Java

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Como estou estudando Java, preciso aplicar todo que estou aprendendo. Vou aproveitar que gosto muito do Jogo Ludo Real para criá-lo em Java



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Ludopp - The game of Ludo in C++

This is the game of Ludo made by the team of Asad Rauf , Sharanya Biswas and Jitaditya Kumar long long ago in 2004 . It is made in C++ and is thus name Ludo++ . It includes a GUI and AI .

Ludo - This project is an implementation of the game Ludo

Ludo is a simple board game, similar to "Tock and Sorry!", for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls.

Germanludo - German version of Ludo called "Mensch ärgere dich nicht".

This game implements the popular board game "ludo" also known as "Mensch ärgere dich nicht". It allows up to 4 players to compete with each other.

Jludo - O saudoso jogo de tabuleiro!

JLudo é uma implementação em Java do tradicional jogo de tabuleiro Ludo.

Ai-ludo - Implementation of the ludo (german: Mensch ärgere dich nicht) game principle for evaluati

Ludo AIGoalThe goal of this project is to compare several approaches in the area of artificial intelligence under the constrained enviroment of a ludo game. The ludo game variant chosen is the german version 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht !' (coarsly translation: 'Don't get bothered !'). ProjectThe project itself is part of the lecture Artficial Intelligence (AI) of the University of Mannheim (Germany). DocumentationFurther documentation will be available as soon as we get used to our agile developm

Kludo - Java based simple dice game.

Kludo is a Java based simple dice game that replaces the traditional snake and ladder game or (Ludo). Kludo is designed to meet various types of presentation layers including Swing, MIDlets and Applets.

Youaretrash - You Are Trash! from LudoBardos

This is the source code repository of You Are Trash! game, from LudoBardos. This game uses the GTGE engine. You can find more about You Are Trash! in the following sites: IndieDB GameJolt This code has the following dependencies: GTGE 0.2.3 GTGE Add Ons JLayer 1.0.0

Ludos - A system running over ms-dos, bringing some modern features

the luDOS project is trying to bring modern features to the old ms-dos system, such as a networking system, a GUI, a powerful command-line and script interpreter (bash and compatible), and many other things. The system is composed of various independant programs wich may be used in batch files, but a C library is also available with the different functions. Since we want luDOS to run on very low-end machines (a 286 with 1 or 2MB of RAM), the code is written in C, in QuickBasic for so


Ludos is a collection several games written in java. It is a conglomeration of a variety of types of games, mostly non-graphic intensive.

Mdl-last-blog-entries-block - Moodle Last Blog Entries

Implements a Moodle Block that displays the last blog entries. Copyright 2009 by Marc Alier and Jordi Piguillem. released as Free Software under GNU General Purpose License v3. Contact info: Marc Alier at and http://moodbile.org_