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MetaProperties helps you to create event driven architectures in .NET. It saves you time and it helps you avoid mistakes. It's compatible with WPF and Silverlight data binding. It's developed in C#.



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Aeon-project - Automatic Evaluation of Ontologies

Did you ever try to evaluate ontologies? Ever tried to apply OntoClean? Did you find it difficult and timeconsuming to tag all the concepts? We have a solution for you. AEON (Automatic Evaluation of ONtologies) automatically tags concepts with appropriate OntoClean meta-properties. The implementation can be easily expanded to check the concepts for other abstract meta-properties, thus providing for the first time tool support in order to enable intensional ontology evaluation for concepts. Our m

Ontouml - An editor for ontologically well-founded conceptual modeling

OntoUML Editor is a model-based graphical editor that supports the creation of conceptual models and domain ontologies in a philosophically and cognitively well-founded modeling language named OntoUML, which is based on the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO). The editor is designed in a way that, on one hand, it shields the user from the complexity of the ontological principles underlying this language. On the other hand, it reinforces these principles in the produced models by providing a mech

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