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Related Projects

Brain Workshop

Brain Workshop is a Python implementation of the Dual N-Back mental exercise. This exercise is the only mental activity that has been scientifically shown to improve your short-term memory (working memory) and fluid intelligence.

Hr-mental-health - classification of mental health in texts

Classifying mental health of authors by analyzing texts using SVM and other machine learning techniques

Maya-slight - Maya lighting tool.

This is a maya lighting tool that works with animal logic's mayaman and mental ray. useful but still in production. -Light studio Pro for MayaMan and Mental ray users: -It has tree parts: Shadow Lights : for MayaMan and Mental ray (you need MayaMan Loaded). 2-Paint Lights : for Mayaman and Mental ray. 3-Area Lights : for Mayaman and Mental ray. -Description : - Area Lights: Select a nurbs surface that you want to convert it to lights. 2- rebuild your surface and set it's UV range between 0 and 1

Lofi-miaux - C++ utility library for Mental Ray, and various shader studies that use it

In case anyone hasn't noticed and somehow even found this repo. It's pretty much abandoned and kept as a bit of reference. This is a basic set of classes that can be used to explore Mental Ray shader writing. I've created it as a way to share whatever I come up with while learning more about Mental Ray. Based on the concepts and code snippets from the book:, except in C++ instead of C.

Helpline - Email helpline management

HelplineA web based email and call tracking system for befriending, suicide, mental health or crisis volunteer helplines.

Brainlegerdemain - Train your brain.

We will be making a set of puzzles that stimulate brain cells and ward off Alzheimer's. The games include a jigsaw game, a mental math game, a disappearing game, and a jewel game.


OneCMS is a content management system that allows you to easily manage content, games, etc with such features as its own forum software, custom fields, custom categories and much more. While it ships with a game focused mentality, OneCMS can be easily changed to fit any site.

Crappy-irc-bot - A crappy IRC bot written in Python

Over the years in #liek on EFnet, our Eggdrop bots have become horribly unmaintainable, so we decided to make something that we could manage. GoalsWe mostly just want something that's easy to work on. It doesn't need to be a second system like Eggdrop. Also, stability is important. We've tried other Python based IRC bots, but found them to be unreliable and temper-mental.