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Sri-jcbmc-2011-12 - [JAVA] Student Management System / Student Database

A student management system for our college, that our team of 4 guys have to do in the academic year 2011-12. There is a very long time for the project to be started. But as I'm very passionate about project stuff, so I'm planning from now itself. I would like to make this project open source and let others develop. Project Details:College Level>Students (Separate profile) Roll Number //assigned by the college Password //Student can change it or reset either by email, or through any official Reg

Session-tracker - Session tracker, C0804l FAT1, Group01, "haibh, hoangndt, trungvh, anhbp"

Introduction:Our client, Robin Fernandez is one of the well known English professors in the city. He conducts various sessions for the students of different age groups. His sessions are very interactive, because of which ample number of students gets enrolled for his sessions. He generally conducts puzzles, quizzes, exams, essay competitions, speeches, discussions about the topics and current scenarios, etc. in order to make the session more interactive and interesting. For the sessions that Mr.