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Memento is a user-experience focussed timesheet platform designed to make the tedious job of recording effort against tasks more bearable.



Related Projects

Memento-common - set of class for use with memento

Core classes to be used with memento lightweight library

Memento Persistence Foundation

Memento is a lightweight persistence framework for rapid application development, which facilitates and streamlines data management, is under the MIT license


Inspiration + memento = Inspirento. Write your inspirational words in Inspirento, which is a nice journal maker. It is a note manager with simple user interface yet comprehensive functions. It is aiming to record notes, journals, mementos, and etc.

backbone.memento - store and restore your model's state

store and restore your model's state

Memento-sg - Memento Media Shortcode Generator

Wordpress Shortcode Framework with advanced PHP parsing and JavaScript / CSS managing Description Shortcode framework giving developers an easy method to use their existing skills within WP without having to know anything about what happens in the background of WP Features Shortcodes : Generate shortcodes on the fly Options : Create plain text, rich text, or advanced php shortcodes Styles : Easily manage required styles for your shortcodes Scripts : Easily manage required scripts for your shortc

Memento-android - Don't mind. Memento reminds you on your Android.

This is the Android version of a web-app called Memento. memento-android aims to be a phone client of the web-app and add some phone-specific features for mobile (to be determined).

Memento-as3-framework - Memento commons

Commonly used code snippets collected in a well documented framework.

Memento-browser - A Web browser for Android that allows you to see older versions of web pages.

The Memento Browser is a free Android app that allows you to time-travel on the Web. When browsing a web page, request a different date to see older versions of that page. This is made possible using Memento, a modification to the HTTP protocol that adds a time dimension to the Web. Memento allows the browser to discover archived versions of a requested web page at,, and other repositories. Find out more about how Memento Browser works or download Memento Browser to y


Memento is a lightweight knowledge management system based on the theory of memes. Use it to store what you've learnt, then use its weblog-style publishing facility to share what you know.

Dejavu mini-framework

Dejavu allows you to create in-memory snapshots of internal status of your Java objects at different points of time and to restore that status later. Dejavu is inspired by Memento design pattern and allows you to easily implement undo-redo, rollback etc.