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A lightweight, easy to use multimedia center solution for SharePoint, as developed primarily for the EUSP Hackathon.



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MediaCentre is an media centre server application for use on a home computer so you'll see your movies, play music and view / edit your pics when you're away from your computer, using a browser. Has been tested on MacOSX, Ubuntu Linux, and WindowsXP

Mobileea - Mobile Entertainment Assistant - Control your PC's media playback through your J2ME e

MEAThis project is being designed as an assistant to media-centric PC's. Simply put, MEA allows you to control your PC media player through a J2ME powered Bluetooth device (such as a cell phone). TechnologyThe JSR-82 Bluetooth specification is being used for communication between the server/client and I decided on the Bluecove ( implementation. This will allow support for a set of heterogeneous server platforms (such as Windows, Linux, and Mac). The communication is done

Calpresstheme - CalPress Theme, a Wordpress theme framework for media

CalPress is a Sandbox-based WordPress publication and teaching theme developed at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. CalPress adds media-centric functionality on top of WordPress, allowing for the rapid development of media sites and class projects. In addition to workflows to handle basic video, slideshow, audio and geotagging, CalPress incorporates jQuery and the 960 Grid System out of the box, allowing for the quick creation of new designs and interactive packages. The theme also

Gloss-mc - Gloss Media Centre frontend

Gloss is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the existing MythTV frontend. It is written in Python however uses the Clutter OpenGL framework with the intent of producing a visually richer interface than the existing MythTV frontend. 19/1/2009: Gloss has been on hold for a little while due to other commitments in my life and some serious breakage that occurred in the move to the Clutter 0.8.x API. Currently Gloss is now back up and running on the latest stable Clutter (Hopefully on unstable

Northgate - Publication child theme for CalPress, a Wordpress theme framework for media

North Gate is a child theme for the unstyled Wordpress theme framework CalPress, a media-centric WordPress theme. North Gate is a functioning media template, ideal for small media sites. North Gate is the basic look behind the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California's Oakland North, Mission Local and Richmond Confidential sites.

Mymoviemetadata - Provides meta-data for a Windows Media Centre Movie Library

MyMovieMetadata uses a video's file name to infer the film title and year if possible and uses this to look up the correct information from a variety of sources including TMDB. It then compiles this information into a series of .xml and .jpg files to provide a rich experience for users of Windows Media Centre.

Gwt-grin - The GRIN scene graph for GWT

GRIN stands for "Graphical Interactivity," and it's also sort of a play on SMIL. The connection between GRIN and SMIL is very loose. GRIN does deal with some of the same time-based and media-centric concerns that are generally associated with SMIL, but GRIN is really very different. GRIN was written to support applications that are a fusion of procedural Java code and declarative elements - it doesn't try to be an all-encompassing declarative environment, complete with scripting. This project is

Leacharenama - A .net application for renaming downloaded video files for easy navigation

LeachaRenama formats file names from downloaded or ripped videos into one format for easy viewing. Especially helpful if your ripper or download source doesn't uniquely identify the file. Version has been released. It adds a new caching feature so that the app doesn't have to contact tvdb every time it needs to determine an episode name externally.

Musicbrowser2 - browse your music

MusicBrowser 2 is a Windows Media Center (WMC) plug-in allows you to browse your music collection by folder structure. MusicBrowser 2 uses services like to get information and images for your artists, albums and tracks and helps you to discover hidden gems in your collection with built in lists showing most played on Video collection browsing is also partially supported.

Brockbots - COSC 3F00 Media Centre

We will be building a Media Centre capable of playing music, viewing pictures, and playing videos. Since this is such a large task with such a large scope we will be placing most of our efforts into video but will still offer the basic functionality required to enjoy music and pictures. The program will contain many modules which will help users organize their media in a user friendly application. The modules that are currently desired are located at the end of this document, and a brief descrip