MediaBrowserWS - Creates a Web Service for the popular MediaBrowser plugin

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Creates a web service in Media Center for accessing your MediaBrowser collection. Allows for external devices (Tablets/phones/laptops) to access a collection and select something to play.



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Mediabrowser-rc - Remote Control for mediabrowser

MediaBrowser-RC is a web based remote control for media browser. Tested on the iPhone running iOS 4, but has also been said to work on android devices. Please note this is very beta, this is for testers only. If you download please give back to the community by posting bugs. New in version 0.3 iPhone streaming Installation instructions: Installation FeaturesNew in version 0.4Works with Media Browser v. 2.3.2 New in version 0.3Works only with Media Browser v. 2.3.0 Stream movies from MediaBrowser