Micro-enterprise distributed systems

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Scalable distributed solutions for small businesses




Related Projects

Mandriva - Identity and Network Management

Mandriva Directory Server is an enterprise directory platform based on LDAP designed to manage identities, access control informations, policies, application settings and user profiles. If you already use Samba, Postfix, Squid or CUPS, you can benefit from MDS today to manage your infrastructure.


A very simple yet handy one-click CD/DVD emulator for Win32/Win64 platforms. Supports ISO, CUE, IMG, BIN, NRG, MDF/MDS, CCD and RAW formats. The project is based on BazisLib framework (http://bazislib.sourceforge.net/)

Pinguinn-em-fuga - Projeto da matéria MDS - UnB

Projeto da matéria MDS de graduação em engenharia de software da Universidade de Brasília

Metaring - A multi tiered peer-to-peer distributed document management system

Ringer is a Hybrid P2P system. The goal of our architecture is to separate the data and metadata. Clients transfer data directly between each other in a traditional P2P manner. Clients find each other by communicating via a pyramid of metadata servers (MDS). This differs from other P2P systems such as Ivy in while there is no single MDS, there is also not a complete lack of centrality. This approach simplifies implementation and search while avoiding the bottlenecks caused by a single central MD

MDS Administration

Master Data Services Administrator. Compare MDS models from the same or different servers


MDS Modeling Workbook is a modeling tool and a solution accelerator for Microsoft Master Data Services.

SQL Server Master Data Services Utilities

A set of useful add-ons for SQL Server Master Data Services, including utilities for generating an MDS model, loading the model, writing a custom UI for model data and integrating the model with SharePoint BCS.

Mds-utils - General purpose utilities for C++ and Python developers

Welcome to Michele De Stefano's UtilitesIntroductionThis library is intended to become a collection of several C++ utilities. At present it contains: a tool for detecting machine endianity. some useful classes that allow to treat the old C FILE pointer as a C++ stream. C++ classes that help on treating Python file objects as C++ streams. simple utilities for indexing support in Python extensions. new C++ to-Python and from-Python converters for some Boost uBlas objects. The easiest way to learn