MCAPI.NET (.NET wrapper for the MailChimp API)

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A .NET wrapper for the MailChimp API 1.3 written in F# by DK.



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Sinergia is a ASP.NET Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation based free help desk solution, developed in CSharp. It solves all the Workflow and WCF plumbing implementing one help desk scenario, providing tools to customize it to fit your needs. It provides Help Desk Ticket Management, Claim Management and Order tracking solution.


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hominid - Hominid is a Ruby gem that provides a wrapper for interacting with the Mailchimp API.

Hominid is a Ruby gem that provides a wrapper for interacting with the Mailchimp API.

Mcapi-php - MailChimp API PHP Class (Improved)

The MCAPI (MailChimp API) wrapper class is provided to help jump-start your PHP development efforts. Using it allows you to ignore the whole network connectivity and data transfer pieces that are typically necessary when using an API. When using this, you will simply create a PHP object and start calling the methods that you need.

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MailChimp Email Markup Layouts

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Wcf Service that handle in future queries from ax database

Pychimp - MailChimp API wrapper in Python

MailChimp API wrapper in Python It's a straight port from the Official PHP version of the MailChimp API, which means that all the official, online documentation is easy to follow along with the Python version.