Maze Game

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Maze Game is a game for children/ computer beginners to practice the mouse movement with fun.



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FunLabyrinthe is a fun maze-game. Start fun immediately with distributed mazes, or create the most difficult ones with the maze editor and challenge your friends! You can even create your own squares and effects!


Find your way in a realistic 3D maze! Fight against the time and become a labyrinth-master. This complete 3D game offers much more possibilities than other maze-games (Compas, wall-colouring,...) and is totally non-violent. (Windows amp; Linux)

Smg-mazegame - A relatively simple java maze game.

The maze game will be created in a few different steps: 1: Create base, simple maze that can be solved by the user or that can solve itself. 2: Make the graphics better than the default base graphics that come with Java. 3: Add new elements that make it more than just a maze game... such as combining tower defense games with a random maze generator.

MazeGame - Ascii maze game

Ascii maze game

maze-game - Maze solving game

Maze solving game

maze-game - Terminal multiplayer maze game

Terminal multiplayer maze game

MazeGame - Little maze game

Little maze game


Something I made for homework and decided to spiffy up

mazeGame - Crawl your way through randomly generated mazes

Crawl your way through randomly generated mazes