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Maybe or IfNotNull using lambdas for deep expressions in C# int? CityId= employee.Maybe(e=>e.Person.Address.City); Planned features: int CityId=employee.Maybe(e=>e.Person.Address.City,defaultValue);



Related Projects


smib is probably one of the smallest and simpliest computer algebra system in the world, but simple does not mean simplistic. Using smib you can explore many branches of mathematics (e.g. number theory, algebra, calculus, numerical analysis, differential geometry, probability and stochastic calculus) and also some physics (e.g. electromagnetism and quantum mechanics).. By simple you can understand easy to program (smib is a weakly typed language, with strong affinity to recursivity, progra


A set of programms which utilize TreeViews to display data and information in a hierarchical and concise way. One is TreeText, displaying your notes attached to a node in a TreeView. Next is NetSync: The maybe best Folder Compare amp; Sync Tool you can find - A Simple CMS

The goal of is to provide the most simplistic CMS experience possible. It is not intended for large, multifaceted websites - it just ain't got the juice. is for simple, informational websites. Maybe a site for a local barber shop? Perhaps even a site for your cat? It does not requires database, all your data will be stored as JSON files.

Yet Another Web Server

Webserver for win32 programmed in Visual Basic (maybe VC later)

Compiere utils

Compiere utils project is targeted for developing some independent modules or enchancement for Compiere ERPamp;CRM. The subprojects in plan is Simplified Chinese language translation; JasperReport intergration; and maybe more


CRITICAL security update and (maybe, I'm unsure) copyright issue fixing. If you redistribute the old version the safer is to delete it and upgrade. Support for dynamic scripting added. More infos in the help forum.

Syntek Semicon DC-1125 Driver

Linux/Unix driver development for Syntek Semicon USB2.0 Video device DC-1125, like the one that is found in Asus A6K laptops. The device can be recognized by the usb id 174f:a311 and maybe also be a standalone unit (not integrated).

Jqcrosstable - JQuery pivot table

Display and maybe edit multidimensional data

Gymstats - Track my workouts at the gym. Maybe even make a graph or two.

Track my workouts at the gym. Maybe even make a graph or two.