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Tw-client-server - TremWars Client and Tremded

TremWars Client and ServerBoth the TremWars Client and TremWars Server are based on SVN 1064 of the Tremulous repository. ClientThe TremWars client is a custom client with patches from throughout the Tremulous community. Some of the patches used were uniquely created by project members of TremWars. ServerThe TremWars server is a custom dedicated server running on TremWars #1. This custom server has enhancements to give us better control over our server. By having a custom server we are also able

Qtcocoon - QT Cocoon XML Publishing framework on Local-PATH

QT Cocoon is an open source XML Publishing framework. It's modelled after Cocoon (java)/ Popoon (php) and is completely written in C++ and QT. Write XML pipelines to generate documents or report from ODBC or any sql driver supported by QT. to connect on Database on top from sitemap you write. <map:components> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost/DatabaseName/ConnectionName" type="yes" /> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost:3306/DatabaseName2/C

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