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Maui Scheduler

Maui Scheduler is an advanced reservation HPC parallel batch scheduler for use with Linux and BSD clusters. Maui provides a complete scientific scheduling solution, supporting running custom parallel and MPI jobs over Myrinet and ethernet.

Maui Scheduler

The Maui Scheduler is a tool to to extend the capabilities of existing resource manager systems such as PBS, SGE, Loadleveler, and so forth. It provides powerful tools for managing and optimizing clusters systems and features to enable effective use of t


Clubmask is a resource and job manager that ties together the Bproc global process space system, SIS, the System Installation Suite for installing Linux clusters, the Maui HPC Scheduler, and Supermon resource managers. The goal of Clubmask is to provide

Maui Topic Indexer

Maui is a multi-purpose automatic topic indexing algorithm. Given a document, Maui automatically identifies its topics. Depending on the task topics are tags, keywords, keyphrases, vocabulary terms, descriptors or Wikipedia titles.


qcjm is a tool written using the Qt framework to manage jobs and resources on clusters. It is written on top of MAUI and Torque.

Maui-indexer - Maui - Multi-purpose automatic topic indexing

SummaryMaui automatically identifies main topics in text documents. Depending on the task, topics are tags, keywords, keyphrases, vocabulary terms, descriptors, index terms or titles of Wikipedia articles. Maui performs the following tasks: term assignment with a controlled vocabulary (or thesaurus) subject indexing topic indexing with terms from Wikipedia keyphrase extraction terminology extraction automatic tagging It can also be used for terminology extraction and semi-automatic topic indexin

Mauisystem - A web UI toolkit for deploying event-driven object-oriented software to multiple device

Maui is a toolkit for developing object-oriented cross-platform user interfaces that deploy to many different web and mobile devices. Maui consists of a server and a Java Swing-like API with support for a robust event system. Over 25 different HTML and WAP platforms are currently supported. You can read about the project's history at and Supported Browsers Espial Escape 4.8 (Windows) Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0

Maui-beach-theme - Maui beach iGoogle theme

a simple theme featuring an image of the beach we were married at!

Oahu-surf-report - The 7-day surf forecast

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Kea-algorithm - KEA - Keyphrase Extraction Algorithm

SummaryKEA is an algorithm for extracting keyphrases from text documents. It can be either used for free indexing, where keyphrases are selected from the document itself, or for indexing with a controlled vocabulary. KEA can also be used for automatic tagging. KEA is implemented in Java and is platform independent. It is an open-source software distributed under the GNU General Public License. Authors: Olena Medelyan and Eibe Frank (University of Waikato, New Zealand) Need support?There is a sup