MasterPage feature for SharePoint

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Provides SharePoint feature for creation custom MasterPage during Activation



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Ci-masterpage - Codeigniter masterpage library

Codeigniter masterpage library like in or django

SharePoint 2010 HTML5 MasterPage Templates

This project is the modification of the SharePoint 2010 v4.master template to support the HTML5 features in advanced browsers. It will provide a WSP package of the solutions with source to allow modification and deployment of a customized masterpage supporting HTML5.


A helper project for hosting asp.mvc content inside SharePoint.

Web Application Project Libraries

The aim of this project is to allow for automatic generation of 2 UserControls, Pages and MasterPages libraries from Web Application Projects from within Visual Studio.

Zope3demos - Zope3 demos

Installable Zope3 examples using:zope.viewletzope.contentproviderMacro-less masterpages using viewletsz3c.viewtemplatezope.formlibzc.cataloghurry.queryObjects of objects formSequence of custom objects formListWidgetFactory/CustomWidgetFactoryzcml:condition

Phpmasterpages - Simple ASP Master Pages-like for PHP

PHPMasterPages is a simple content placeholder mechanism for PHP. It a simple to understand proof-of-concept adaptable to new projects or already developed applications.

SharePoint Upload MasterPages and PageLayouts STSADM Command

You can provision masterpages and page layouts using features or SharePoint designer, but if they are already created and you haven't got SPD, how do you update them? STSADM Command to upload masterpages and pagelayouts to the Masterpage and Page Layouts Gallery.

SharePoint 2010 Starter Masterpage Feature with Mega DropDown Navigation Menu

Proof of concept starter project containing: 1) Site Collection feature 2) Starter Publishing Masterpage 3) Mega DropDown Menu